What up, dude? Welcome to the site dedicated to perfect 10 hoes doing their perfect 10 handjobs! If you’re lookin’ out for nasty handygirls, you’ve found them! We shit you not! These chicks will do anything to get a firm grip on a fine piece of man meat only to show ya how good they are at rubbin’, squeezin’, strokin’ and milkin’ it all the way! Want them to start right away? Join now and just say “jerk it, babe!”
Ethnic cuties will beg, steal and kill for a handjob!
The thing with Kitty and Roxy is that they love playing their good cop-bad cop game every time their naughty hands find their way to a dick. Knowing that beforehand saves trouble having your trouser snake pulled too hard when Roxy’s at it hehe! We gotta say, the two chicks did a great job laying their hands on our johnsons!
Staci loves having big and curvy surprises in her hands!
It wasn’t the first time Staci was squeezing the wiener, but the size and shape were so new to her she almost choked out of excitement! It took us a while to persuade her that we wanted it to go into her hands - not her mouth! “Jerk it, babe” - was all she heard all the way through, and it made her hand slide up and down even faster!
Kathleen sure has some serious jerking skills under her belt!
This chick right here proved she’s one heck of a handygirl, so we thought we just had to show you how she does it! It ain’t right to leave this video out, so here goes! One of the guys unzipped his pants, took his Charles the Bald out and said: “Will you give me a hand with this?” Boy did she give him a hand!
Amber’s always wanted to hold a nasty tool in her palm!
It didn’t take us long to talk Amber into this. In fact, it seemed like she had been waiting to do it all her mother fucking life. Well come on girl, jerk it hard! Fo shizzle, this honey has the right touch and the right attitude, squeezing the cum out of that cock and helping with that nasty tongue of hers!
Eve has a way with cock! A handygirl at her best!
When Eve showed us her tits we blew our load. The only guy who managed to keep the cum from spilling out got the prize! That lucky fucker enjoyed a couple of punches from the crew later on, but before that he got a most severe handjob from that nasty whore Eve and gave her a cum coating she’ll never forget!
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