Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has quickest hands of all? These girlies love competing when it comes down to handjobs, so be ready to watch them pass the awesomeness test with flying colors! You won’t need to beg them to take the matters into their own hands! They’ll have your family jewels in their hands before you manage to say “HANDJOB”!
Amber proves she knows how to grab it the nasty way!
Amber was more than willing to grab some hard cunt buster before the cam was switched on, so we figured this one would bea shocker! You should’ve seen that hottie get down on her knees and work the pocket rocket so good until it was as hard as a missile! She didn’t let go of the poor fucker until he covered her tits with his thick lube!
Gia says she adores big surprises like this one!
Gia went like “Whoa!” the minute she saw the whole package. Yeah, we admit, it was kinda huge, but who said it was gonna be easy anyway?! We made sure she had a drink before she got down to the sticky business, because Gia was plain scared of taking the whole thing in her hands let alone jerking it hehe!
Destiny: Some exchange students are desperate for true knowledge!
The thing we love about exchange students is that some of them think handjobs are a part of extra-curricular activities. You see a lot of that shit on campus, but most of them haven’t got a clue it’s an optional thingy! Well if you want to get anything for free from this chick right here, tell her you need a helping hand!
Sophia confesses she gets real hot when she hears “handjob”!
Some things never change! Blondes seem to be made for this, and it would be just so stupid not to have a go with skillful hands and a plump mouth like Sophia’s! The way she jerked that cock was so fucking awesome we called her a Handjob Queen and got her number just in case we wanted to have another round!
Kelly always gives a Hollywood smile while jerking it!
Smile! We’re broadcasting live and you’re on cam, Kelly! This girl thought it’d be a regular photo shoot, but she was wrong! A huge dick like that is never a regular thing, and you gotta use it while you’re young! That’s what went through Kelly’s mind as she was jerking the ram rod with all her might!
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